St Barths, a wedding destination



St Barth is the hottest wedding destination. This French Caribbean island is a true gem, with its white sands, gourmet restaurants, luxury villas, designer boutiques, and impressive yachts.  All adds up to make St Barth best place for a destination wedding. To get married on an idyllic beach or at a luxurious hotel… in St Barth, all is possible. Here is some great advice to plan the perfect wedding in St Barth.


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Let the dream come true.



Why choose St Barth as your wedding destination?


You have had your beautiful proposal and are ready to tie the knot, now it’s time to plan the event. You are looking for an exceptional location to celebrate one of the most important days of your life. St Barth, a true island paradise, provides an idyllical setting to celebrate your wedding surrounded by your friends and family.



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Get help in planning your wedding:


Like all wedding destinations, St Barth has several wedding planners who can take care of all the details for your marriage. We can advise you on choosing a local wedding planner, who knows perfectly how everything works on the island, and has a major network of service provides who are sure to make your wedding a huge success.

Organization of the ceremony, the reception, decorations, flowers, the band or DJ, the rehearsal dinner…and even a Bachelorette party. Even the wedding budget.

So, all you have to do is create the guest list, find the perfect wedding dress, a suit or tux for the groom, and chose the destination for your honeymoon.



Here are a few local wedding planners we recommend:


DK Events St Barth

Gold’n Guest

One of a Kind St Barths


Find the perfect spot for the day of your wedding:


In collaboration with your wedding planner, you can choose a spot for the ceremony that best suits you. as well as a place for the party. You might want to do both events in the same spot, but why not take advantage of the beauty of the island and expand your wedding to include several places. First is the wedding ceremony, so think about a romantic wedding on one of the island’s white sand beaches and getting married on the beach. Or have you fallen under the charm of St Bartholomew’s Anglican Church in Gustavia, built with local stone and limestone, for a religious ceremony?

You can also hold your ceremony at a fabulous hotel or a luxury villa. The wedding planner will talk with you about the decorations of your dreams to create a unique wedding.


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Where to house your guests?



Are you thinking of a big wedding or would you prefer a small, intimate one?

In any case, there is nothing to worry about, St Barth can handle all of your guests and your bridal party. The island’s hotels are used to hosting weddings. In terms of logistics, you might want to group most of your guests in the same location.


For the bride and groom, and their immediate family, we suggest renting a villa with breathtaking views of the ocean, and personalized service. You can enjoy the privacy and tranquility as you get closer to the big day and the perfect wedding.


Some of our best villas:


Villa BOM


Villa Wake Up

Villa Vitti

Villa Stellae

Villa Palm Beach

Villa la Plage



The Big Day


The big day is finally here! Today is your wedding day. Surrounded by her bridesmaids, the bride can take all the time she needs to get ready for the ceremony. Makeup, hairdresser, and glass of champagne are on the menu, all captured by one of the island’s photographers. The wedding planner can get you a list of everyone you need to make this day truly magical!


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Everything is ready, all that’s left is to say I Do!