Villa rental in st barths close to the beach

Villa rental in St Barths close to the beach

Saint Barth is a paradise island in the Caribbean Sea. This makes it a popular destination for lovers of white sand beaches and breathtaking views. Explore our selection of villa rental in st barths. You’ll discover French-style gourmet restaurants, as well as Caribbean culture through local traditions and infrastructures. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful place to spend your vacation or a place to be at the heart of the festivities, we’ve got the villa for you.


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Villa in St Barth close to the beach

Saint Barts has some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. In fact, the island offers landscapes of white sand and turquoise water. There are some fifteen beaches with a wide variety of settings.

If you want to enjoy the island’s wilderness, we recommend Gouverneur, nestled between the mountains, or the famous Colombier beach, accessible by sea or a short hike.

Otherwise, if you’re looking for a place to party, St Barts is famous for its many beach bars, such as Nikki Beach in St-Jean or Shellona in Shell Beach.



Rent A Luxury Villa in St Barths close to the beach


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For a little peace and quiet, choose a neighborhood like Corossol.

BIANCA is the perfect comfortable villa for you. This 4-bedroom villa offers breathtaking views of the ocean, the entrance to Gustavia harbor and the pretty fishing port of Corossol. You’re just a few steps from the beach. From the terrace, the sunsets are magnificent.

All rooms also have ocean views. In addition, the villa has an air-conditioned fitness room.

Thanks to its location just a stone’s throw from the pretty Corossol beach and its dreamy panoramic view, Villa BIANCA is perfect for families and friends alike!


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CACO is a beautiful 3-bedroom villa offering a colorful view of the salt pond and the beach of Petit Cul de Sac. Close to the beach, part of the marine reserve and only 2 minutes from renowned restaurants. It opens entirely onto the terrace with heated pool, facing the view. The elegant simplicity of Villa CACO will be appreciated by those looking for a well-equipped, modern villa for a relaxing vacation.


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VILLA DOLCE VITA the best villa rental in st barths


Close to one of the island’s quietest and wildest beaches lies Villa Dolce Vita. Firstly, it has 4 bedrooms and is nestled on Gouverneur Hill. As such, it offers magnificent ocean views, as well as Caribbean sunsets.

Secondly, the other three rooms are located on the first floor, with direct access to the garden.

Finally, you’re just a few minutes drive from Gouverneur beach, one of the island’s most popular. Villa Dolce Vita is the ideal place for an unforgettable vacation in St Barth’s!


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In the same area, we also have the magnificent Villa Neptune.
This private 2-bedroom villa is just one minute from Gouverneur beach!

Since it’s located in the center of the island, between St Jean and Gustavia, you’ll enjoy a peaceful ambience with all activities nearby. Book Villa Neptune and enjoy breathtaking views of the ocean, St Kitts and Nevis, especially at sunset.

In conclusion, this villa is perfect to rent for vacations with friends or family, but its size and privacy also make it perfect for a couple.



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