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RE/MAX Island Properties St Barths is a real estate agency. The descriptions of the properties on the website are subject to modification and can at no time be considered as contractual. The advertised prices do not include the administrative and local government accommodation tax.

RE/MAX Island Properties St Barths reserves all rights to update at any time these conditions. We strongly advise our visitors to check these conditions on a regular basis.

General information

The present website is owned by the company Gecko Caraïbes, represented by the managing director David VanderNoot :
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Garantie financière SO.CA.F transaction 30 000 Euros – gestion 500 000 Euros.

Intellectual Ownership and photographic credits

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Photograph credits

The photographs of the presented properties are owned by RE/MAX Island Properties St Barths and the properties owners.
We also thank the following websites for their photographic contribution :

Data processing law, files and freedom

According to the law of 6th January 1978 relating to data processing, files and freedom and the article 43 of the law of the 30th September 1986 modified, the Website has been declared to the National Commission of Data Processing and Freedom under the number 1317110. The users of the Website are asked to respect the provisions of the Data processing law, files and freedom, where the violation of this can be subject to penal sanctions.

It is strictly forbidden to use or collect the given information that appears on the website, in any manor, diverse or general, which could have effect on the personal life of the reputation of others.

According to the article 34 of the Data Processing Law and Freedom n° 78-17 of the 6th January 1978, the client has a right to access, modify, rectify or delete any data that concerns him/her. This can be addressed by email or by letter.

Right applicable litigation

The present general conditions are subject to french law.
In the case of dispute, the French court are the only qualified unless otherwise stated in the general conditions.